M – MASTER your craft

O – ORGANIZE your work

T – TEACH others

I – INSPIRE others

V – have a VISION

A- ACHIEVE greatness

T – TELL your story

E – EMPOWER others

Koncept #1:  Put God first in all that you do.  He will give you the strength, wisdom, and discernment to carry it through.
Koncept #2:  Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.  Truth is, the vision was not given to them.
Koncept #3:  Your gift is unique.  Others can learn from you, however they cannot do it exactly like you.
Koncept #4:  Know that you will win as long as you work hard and never give up.
Koncept #5:  Only you can unlock the doors to achieve your fullest potential.
Koncept #6:  Do not sleep with anyone you work with or for.  It causes friction and you need to focus.
Koncept #7:  If there is no purpose, then there is no point.  Align yourself with destiny folk and your time will not be wasted.
Koncept #8:  Teach others what you have learned.  You are passing the torch to those who will carry out your legacy.
Koncept #9:  Stay away from foolish, petty behavior.  It lessens your worth.
Koncept #10:  You can show them better than you can tell them.
Koncept #11:  No matter what, people will talk about you.  Do not give them anything bad to say.
Koncept #12:  Know your worth and execute it.
Koncept #13:  Keep learning, thinking, and growing.  Never give off the attitude that you have “arrived.”
Koncept #14:  Stay focused on things that enhance “self.”  The better you become is the better they become.
Koncept #15:  Do not let anyone take anything from you that you did not offer in the first place.
Koncept #16:  Work as hard as you can until you cannot.  Then, find another way to design your craft.
Koncept #17:  Never let your mouth get in the way of your money.
Koncept #18:  Happiness found in someone else often results in disappointment.  Find your own happiness and hold onto it.